Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1022 South's schedule

Ok, so I was shutting the down 1022 tonight when 4 different cars rolled up at 4 different times. It was a bit frustrating as I was so slow all day. I've heard the same story from other bartenders who work the early week shifts, so here is our schedule:
Sun - Mon. 4 -11
Tues - Wed. 4 - 12
Thurs - Sat. 4 - 2
If folks are hanging out Sun - Wed, then we'll stay open, otherwise we shut it down early.

There are specials every night, most of the time for $6. Happy hour is from 4 - 8 everyday and it includes $3 wells, $3 draft beers, and $4 glasses of wine (right now a pinot and a viognier).

Monday night is Industry night. If you do some sort of service all week, then come see Chris on Mondays for a bit of the apothecary. Tell your bartender where you work and ask him (or occasionally her) for the special. They'll take care of you. It might include absinthe or chartreuse, kava kava or damiana. Regardless, it will be fun.

Tuesday night are wine nights. 1/2 off all bottles, including the bubbly. We have fun, affordable wines and most Tuesdays Corey is working to explain each and every bottle to you.

Thursdays. Well, Thursdays are for the ladies. Our drink special is something pretty and Chris and Corey are there to facilitate your night. Plus, the ladies get happy hour all night. Sounds like a deal to me. Let's shake on it...

Those are 1022's hours, specials, and what we are up to. For those listening, we're going to have a rather impromptu party at some point debuting the fall/winter menu. Keep reading and we'll post the party info soon...

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