Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mixology Monday: Limes!

Our Mixology Monday theme this month is limes chosen by our host Doug over at the Pegu blog. We missed last month's Brown, Bitter, and Stirred, but we weren't going to miss this month. There were a number of directions we could've went, but I thought it would be best if we stuck with the adage, "keep it simple, stupid." With that said, we will proceed with the tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Unnamed Kava Drink
1.5 oz rum (Cockspur, but really there's room to play)
.5 lime
.5 house falernum
.5 coconut cream
.5 kava kava tincture*
three dashes damiana/birch bitters
Finish with ginger beer

Or, because I always do two...
Kokovoko #2.1
1 oz kava kava tincture
.5 falernum
.5 lime

*1/4 cup ground kava kava to 750 ml NGA. Let steep 48 hours, then double strain.

The first drink looks like a Kava Colada with a few aphrodisiacs for the ladies and the second is, well, a shot.

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