Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coming Correct

Our party for the menu debut was a smashing success. I have to admit that I was a bit shocked by the amount of people. I wasn't expecting that...

There are a few other things that I wasn't expecting. I wasn't expecting people to be so adventurous with the apothecary section of the menu. But, what really surprised me both that night and since then was the reception of the Lord of Weather. I felt like this cocktail was an outlier, that it was the type of cocktail that I wanted to make but made it to the menu almost as a curiosity because of the vinegar content. Little did I know...

I should have expected. The first night that we bottled the fire cider, I posted (twittered) that it was done, and I had guests show up at a quarter till 2 looking for a shot. Since then, we have guests looking for shots almost everyday. So, again, I underestimated Tacoma's palate. I am really excited about this because I feel that the menus have been fairly conservative.

So, we're not doing drink specials anymore. Instead, we have two bartender's choice cocktails on the menu - the Liza Island and the Apothecary Cup. The former is a vodka-based sweet concoction that utilizes the bar without being too aggressive; and the latter is, well, an apothecary cup. That means that we experiment with the bitters and herbal elixirs. It also means that whatever new product that we find to play with will be showcased here. Look for more aggressive flavor profiles, experiments in molecular mixology, and experiments with bitters here.

Going forward, I guess we'll worry less about people not being open to ingredients, and we'll concern ourselves more with creating tasty elegant cocktails regardless of the ingredients.

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