Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Hour, Holiday hours

We haven't experimented with very many new concoctions lately as we've tried to dial in everything on our plate right now. However, a lull in the Saturday night found me experimenting with a few ideas that have been rattling around in my head for sometime.
First, we are so happy with how our pear bitters turned out, that I thought we might give a couple of other base flavors a try. Here's a quick list of what we're up to:
We bottled apple and sweet pumpkin in the last week and we'll add the spices and botanicals sometime after Thanksgiving.
Also, we are experimenting with a different version of our damiana infusion where we use a high proof rum instead of NGA.
Black walnut leaf, clove, and wormwood. Yeah, it's an anti-parasitic. I bet it ends up being tasty as well.
A variation on the saffron/cardamom bitters that includes a bit of quassia.
Coffee, cocoa, cloves, cinnamon, grains of paradise and galangal in NGA.

We will be closed on Thanksgiving, but we will be open the night before. Since we will be closed, we'll move Ladies Night to Wednesday where we will also debut our new happy menu. I'll post more about this menu later, but for now here's a look:

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